Friday the 13th

Before I started working at the hospital, I was convinced that superstitious lore like Friday the 13th was entirely just that—nothing more than superstitious ramblings of overactive imaginations. I chalked full moons into that category as well, because, why not?

Fast forward to when I started working in the Emergency Room admitting patients into the hospital. I started noticing odd things that defied the course of “normal” life that the ER staff treated with a callousness that spoke of being entirely too exposed and desensitized to this sort of phenomenon. Mainly, the weird and creepy things that would go down on Fridays that fell on the 13th, and full moons.

Whenever we were scheduled to work on a Friday the 13th, there was always an electric charge in the air of the Emergency Room. Staff was always on high alert because we would get a heavier-than-normal influx of traumas and car accidents that would occur that day. But the really intense stuff usually started more towards the evening. I remember one evening, a man ran in through the sliding doors carrying his girlfriend in his arms who had a large knife sticking out of her stomach. She had apparently stabbed herself for no reason. Our lobby had already been full to brimming with patients who were unable to keep their hallucinations at bay and people whose suicidal ideations were driving them crazy. The silent man sitting in the corner suffered presences that followed him around that looked like the Dementors from Harry Potter, while the lady sitting next to the fish tank couldn’t stop seeing black cats that ran up the wall and disappeared into the ceiling.

Soon after, a squad of Sherriff’s cars sped into the ambulance bay with their lights flashing and an ambulance hot on their heels. A gang fight had erupted with several members of the opposing gangs being wounded by gunshot wounds. The lobby became a hotbed of tension and hostility by two rival gangs both vying for space while waiting for their respective gang members to be treated behind the closed doors of the ER. Another ambulance brought in a patient with severe drug withdrawals and hallucinations that was strapped to the gurney, bucking ferociously trying to get off, and screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs. Since there were no more available rooms in the ER, she had to wait on the gurney in the hallway.

This is just a small sample of what the ER would look like on a Friday the 13th and a night whereupon a full moon was shining. One evening I had clocked off for the night and happened to be driving out behind a vehicle that had just left the ER. The lady sitting in the passenger seat of the car stuck her head out the window and started screaming obscenities at me and then started throwing glass bottles at my car. Luckily, I stomped on my breaks just in time and the bottles smashed on the road right in front of me. I quickly took a detour to get home.

So wherever you are tonight and if you are preparing to go into work, especially in the service industry, please be careful and remain cautious on this odd night that tends to bring out the stuff that’s not so easily explained.

Curious, has anyone else had any strange experiences that couldn’t be explained?


Author: ebonyandcrows

Hello and welcome to my page~ My name is Larisa--a very common Slavic name that was either derived from the Latin word hilaris, meaning "cheerful," or from the Greek city of Larissa, meaning "strong fortress." Born in Ukraine, I emigrated with my family to America when I was still a small child and now make my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up immersed in two vastly differing cultures led me to have a burning curiosity about people all over the world. Stemming from said curiosity, I have fallen in love with traveling to other countries, meeting new people and delving into their culture, exploring new cities, and of course, dining on the local cuisine! If I cannot escape into a different country, then my next favorite method of adventure is to lose myself in a spectacular book. I enjoy books of all genres--from fiction and novels, to biographies and ethnographies. As long as it captures my fancy and holds me spellbound the entire time, I will burn through the book like a forest fire! Because of this penchant for reading and travel, coupled with my love of deep and mysterious things, I have been often called a dreamer and I find the title suits me. With that being said, I invite you to stay a while, perhaps make yourself a cup of tea and linger through my posts and feel free to comment or share a thought :-)

43 thoughts on “Friday the 13th”

  1. I used to work in a dementia unit as a CNA, and creeeeeepy stuff happened there all the time, but the staff and I would always try to pass on good luck to each other on the thirteenth of Friday’s and full moon nights to better prepare for the worst.

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    1. The graveyard shifts at the hospital were always the most fascinating! During slow nights, all the sheriffs would come in for the free coffee and all the staff along with the sheriffs would congregate and we would talk about everything. I loved hearing about the creepy stuff they would have to confront, like satanic worship and sacrifices in the woods, etc.

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                1. I’ve studied spirituality for many years, and experienced bizarre stuff in my real life. I’ve never purposely went looking for it, like playing the ouija board, but tbh, I don’t know why I had that paranormal experience to this day.

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                    1. I have my theories. I’ll post the story soon—but I don’t want to oversell it to you lol. I hate when someone promotes something to me so enthusiastically that when I get to experience the actual thing, I am underwhelmed by it.

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  2. When I was a teenager, I had this recurring dream of this girl. This girl would stalk me down the street where I lived, and one night I had seen her face up close, but her eyes looked like the devil. Bad nightmares. The strange part is that months later, I was on the subway train, looking out of the window onto the platform. There she was. It was her. The train left, and that was the end of the dreams.

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                    1. It was all very strange. Prior to that, my best friend and I were searching around the eves of his house. Stashed in there was a temporary grave marker made of wood, and the name of the girl who died was carved into a mirror that was about 4×6, which was then set into the grave marker. So, that was another thing that fired my imagination.

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                    2. Omg!!! This is why where you guys live fascinates me so much! This is like the Salem Witch trial stuff. I’ve never been to the East Coast (and a connecting flight at JFK airport doesn’t count) but I really want to go to all those historical places and tour there.

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