Currently Reading: Colder by River Dixon

It’s superb. Go and get it.

Author: ebonyandcrows

Hello and welcome to my page~ My name is Larisa--a very common Slavic name that was either derived from the Latin word hilaris, meaning "cheerful," or from the Greek city of Larissa, meaning "strong fortress." Born in Ukraine, I emigrated with my family to America when I was still a small child and now make my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up immersed in two vastly differing cultures led me to have a burning curiosity about people all over the world. Stemming from said curiosity, I have fallen in love with traveling to other countries, meeting new people and delving into their culture, exploring new cities, and of course, dining on the local cuisine! If I cannot escape into a different country, then my next favorite method of adventure is to lose myself in a spectacular book. I enjoy books of all genres--from fiction and novels, to biographies and ethnographies. As long as it captures my fancy and holds me spellbound the entire time, I will burn through the book like a forest fire! Because of this penchant for reading and travel, coupled with my love of deep and mysterious things, I have been often called a dreamer and I find the title suits me. With that being said, I invite you to stay a while, perhaps make yourself a cup of tea and linger through my posts and feel free to comment or share a thought :-)

19 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Colder by River Dixon”

        1. Hi Stef! I am so glad you purchased it! He is a lovely writer and you can even follow him on Word Press. (He commented on my post, “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” So you can find him through there.) I hope you’re doing well, dearest.


    1. I’m chuckling 😁 Thank you for the gold star 😌 But no, I am not looking for compensation. I did this of my own free will because I love supporting people. And River is a poet I follow here on WP 😉

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            1. Well, an author I know in real life (not that this isn’t real life lol) told me, “the time will pass anyway, Larisa.” It’s true, I think writing a book is largely also about having the correct mindset. I love this quote I read once that loosely said something like, “If you want to read the perfect story, write it yourself.” But I loooove getting lost in someone else’s perfect story!

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              1. Songwriting seems so much different. When I write, then record, It’s like a very short story. Writing a book to me would be like writing a concept album, where all the songs would be like chapters in a book.

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                1. Haha I loved that analogy. I love how different artists view a certain topic in their own unique way. In the way that they have programmed their mind to work at its best. This can delve into a topic of programming if I’m not careful (I’ve run into too much bad programming in my life in people) 😅

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                  1. Self programming? I wish I had a program for recording. Most of the time, I’m just noodling around on guitar and a chord appeals to me. Then it’s on, and words come, then more chords. I’m pretty sure that’s not how most trained musicians think. 😉

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                    1. Programming that results from fear or xenophobia, long-standing cultural traditions, etc. Your way of creating is how it’s supposed to be done, I think 😉 I slowly absorb beautiful words into me and they sorta just brew there inside until one day I unleash them on the world in the form of poetry. More often than not, I don’t know what form it will take.

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